How to pump the abs to remove the belly


Do you want to have a nice, flat stomach? You’ve probably heard that for this you need to strengthen your abdominal muscles and pump the abs. However, often many girls and guys pump the press, and at the same time, the result of their efforts is in no hurry to manifest itself. What’s the matter? The point is that you need to do the exercises correctly.

So, how to properly pump the abs to remove the belly? To have a beautiful belly shape, it is not at all necessary to perform abdominal exercises hundreds of times or hang on the bar for a long time. Your task is to burn body fat.

Note that for a relief press, the body fat content should be less than 10%, which is often the case for high-class athletes. Women, on the other hand, shouldn’t go that far, because the less body fat there is in the body, the faster the breasts dry out. And if the fat level is below 10%, the fair sex may stop menstruating altogether.

The most effective and safe are abdominal exercises such as crunches (forward and backward), “frog pull-ups”, as well as various variations of these exercises. Raises of the body and legs are not recommended for beginners, as well as for those who have poorly developed abdominal muscles, because such exercises place a heavy load on the spine in the lower back.

The most effective result can be obtained by training the abs using the giant set method, when 3 or more abdominal exercises are done in a row, one after the other, without stopping. After such one giant set, it is allowed to rest, but not more than one minute. In this case, the muscles are perfectly worked out. At the end of the giant set, you should feel a strong burning sensation.

It is also very important to do the exercises correctly. Try this giant set.

1. Twisting – repeat 20-50 times They should be performed in the supine position, legs bent, feet are on the floor. Inhale, hands should be stretched forward – exhale. A common mistake is that instead of the abdominal muscles, many strain the neck muscles. To avoid this, focus and try to rise, using your abdominal muscles, without waving your head (look at the ceiling, raise your chin).

2. “Frog pull-ups” – 20-50 times This exercise should be performed on a bench or on a bed. Sit on the edge of the bed, then lie on your back, hands behind your head (but, as with any other exercise, do not lock your fingers together, otherwise the spine will receive an incorrect load). Bend your legs at the knees and pull them to your stomach. Then straighten the body, but do not lay it down completely, the muscles should be in tension. Then pull your legs up again. In this case, the knees can be pulled apart. Exercise perfectly works the muscles of the lower press.

3. Reverse crunches – 20-50 Lie on your back, place your arms along your torso, raise your legs and bend at the knees (you can straighten your legs up to complicate the exercise). Raise your pelvis off the floor as if you are about to stand on your shoulder blades, but not too high. You should lean on your hands as little as possible, forcing your abdominal muscles to work. Often, when performing this exercise, the legs rise inertially, so make sure that the press is working.

4. Callanetics crunches – 1/100 The difference between this exercise and traditional crunches is that it is performed in static position. Let’s give an example of such an exercise 1/100, you raise the body (the body is lying on your back) and hold it for 100 seconds (one lift – 100 seconds). Remember that you are allowed to rest for one minute after performing a certain number of Callanetics twists (start with 2-3 and gradually increase their number).

So, answering the question: how to pump the press correctly at home, we will outline the main rules for training the abdominal muscles:

1. Never do abdominal exercises with weights. at the same time, voluminous muscles are formed.

2. During the exercise, the abs should be in constant tension. Remember that it is better to do the exercise correctly, but 10 times, than 30, but not correctly. So pay attention to technique and breathing. Correct breathing also contributes to more effective results.

3. If you want to get an effective result, do not train half-heartedly, you need to work on the press, giving all your best. Some trainers recommend sparing your strength, however, if your goal is just to tighten muscles, then this rule is quite acceptable, but if you want to burn fat, then work hard.

4. A burning sensation is the main criterion for correct exercise performance. If you feel a burning sensation, try the exercise as many times as you can.

5. If you are just starting out or have taken a long break between workouts, increase the number of exercises performed gradually. In general, try not to take breaks and practice regularly, ideally 3-5 times a week.

6. There are exercises for the lazy that you can do, even, for example, when walking or driving in vehicles. Alternately tense and relax the abdominal muscles. Follow them several approaches, starting from 10 seconds and you will soon achieve a toned figure.