How to tighten your body: the secrets of Hollywood stars

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In this article, we will tell you how to make your body fit and reveal the secrets of the success of Hollywood stars!

Surprisingly, in the age of the Internet, most people are completely confused about how to make their bodies fit and improve their health. Supplement manufacturers are working hard to spread the word that their products will help build the perfect body. And they have done quite well – many people consider dietary supplements to be the only effective way to lose fat and achieve a Hollywood figure. However, the ideal body can only be obtained through exhausting work on oneself.

The secret to perfect shape is complex workouts

Many fitness magazines advise beginners to stick to the training regimens of professional bodybuilders who exercise only on a specific muscle group on a daily basis. In fact, beginners should follow the opposite strategy, training all the muscles in the body. By stimulating all muscles, you will accelerate their growth. Thus, instead of doing 6 exercises for the same muscle group, you will first lift the barbell, then move to the upper press, then start squats. This training regimen saves time and allows you to build muscle three times faster.

The list of exercises includes:

  • bench press lying;
  • bench press while sitting;
  • lifting dumbbells in front of you;
  • lifting dumbbells while lying on a bench;
  • press on an incline bench;
  • deep breath squats.

All professional bodybuilders of the Golden Era were fans of complex training , when steroids had not yet gained great popularity. Among them is the famous Steve Reeves . The success of the winner of the Mr. Universe competition and the icons of Hollywood films of the 50s speak for themselves. Reeves was admired for his imposing body, slim waist and perfect proportions. The bodybuilder  himself later came out with vehement criticism of the rampant use of steroids. In his publications, Reeves condemned the use of steroids and emphasized the effectiveness of complex training.

How does a newbie get a Hollywood figure?

  1. Correct exercise frequency. Exercise should be done no more than three times a week. Your body needs time to recuperate. Workouts should be intense and exhausting, the optimal time between fitness sessions is one and a half days.
  2. The choice of the pace. Make sure you are doing the exercises correctly and at the correct pace. Leave 3 seconds for concentric and 4 seconds for eccentric.
  3. Weight. Do not increase the weight of the bar until you have completed the entire exercise program at your current weight.
  4. Rest intervals. Reduce rest between sets to 40-60 seconds and 2 minutes between different exercises.
  5. Focus and concentration. Entering the hall, throw away unnecessary thoughts and disconnect from problems.

The classic complex exercises are time-tested workouts. They will require maximum effort, but will give an excellent result. In addition to building muscles, training will improve your overall health and psyche, and most importantly, it will give you self-confidence.