Creatine is an essential, natural, naturally occurring substance found in the muscles of humans and animals. It is essential for energy metabolism in the body. It is used in sports to increase the effectiveness of high-intensity loads, as well as to increase peak strength, the volume of loads performed close to maximum, and speed in sprints. The increase in strength indicators is combined with an increase in muscle mass (skeletal muscle). Creatine is the most powerful non-steroidal supplement for gaining muscle mass. With the help of creatine, you will get a boost of energy and endurance. In addition to creatine monohydrate, there is also a buffered creatine monohydrate – crealkalin, creatine malate, citrate, hydrochloride, gluconate and others capable of creating Creton matrices. Each performs a narrowly specific function! Let’s dwell on each of the types separately.

Creatine monohydrate is popular with athletes as it helps to increase strength and endurance, as well as gain muscle mass. It is the most studied and sought-after form of creatine used in strength training to improve performance during exercise and accelerate recovery from exercise. It can be formed in the human body, but athletes need more creatine than those who do not play sports.

That is why the intake of creatine monohydrate is justified with a significant load on the muscles. With its help, muscles become stronger, endurance gradually increases, and muscle mass grows faster. By consuming creatine monohydrate, athletes give their bodies extra energy to do more reps and lift weights.

Among the main advantages of creatine monohydrate is its availability, because such a supplement is offered by most manufacturers of sports nutrition, and its cost is low. Most often it is a powder without any taste or smell that can be mixed with another sports food. For better assimilation, it is made micronized, that is, it is thoroughly crushed. You can buy quality creatine monohydrate on our website.

Crealkalin is a special type of creatine that is highly effective and safe. This is buffered creatine, which is created using a special technology, protected by a patent. The result is a compound with greater resistance to gastric juice, so crealkalin-based supplements do not break down in the stomach, turning into creatinine, but act in the muscles, affecting the energy metabolism in their tissues.

This type of creatine is characterized by increased bioavailability, is well absorbed by the muscles and remains in the muscle tissue for a long time. Because of its pH level, crealkalin helps to neutralize lactic acid, so its intake prevents the appearance of painful sensations in the muscles after intense anaerobic exertion. Due to the greater efficiency, the intake of such creatine is possible in lower dosages, and the loading phase is not required.

Crealkalin, like other creatines, activates the formation of ATP, which gives the muscles more energy, helps to increase strength and improve endurance. Taking it also accelerates the set of muscle mass, as it affects the hormones that stimulate this process. In this case, the side effects, which are often provoked by monohydrate (water retention, dyspepsia), crealkalin practically does not cause.

Creatine malate is a type of creatine that contains malic acid. If 2 molecules of such an acid are attached to creatine, then dicreatine malate is obtained, and if there are three molecules of malic acid, then the compound will be called tricreatine malate. It is a white powder that is odorless but has a sour taste.

Its main feature is considered to be excellent solubility in water. This leads to a less irritating effect on the digestive tract, so side effects from the gastrointestinal tract are less common. As for the bioavailability and action on the muscles of athletes, then creatine malate has almost the same properties as creatine monohydrate.

By taking this supplement, you can increase your strength and improve endurance. This is facilitated by the fact that malic acid additionally affects the processes of energy production in the body. The use of such sports nutrition is in great demand during the period of muscle gain. You can buy creatine malate on our website, choosing the option that is optimal in terms of price and quality.

Creatine HCL Hydrochloride is one of the most effective types of creatine used in muscle building and active strength training. It is a highly soluble and stable form that is well absorbed. It does not cause the common side effects of creatine monohydrate, such as water retention and bloating.

Creatine Hydrochloride helps to increase muscle strength, therefore it has a positive effect on endurance and training performance. Thanks to the heavier exercise, this sports nutrition also stimulates the growth of new muscle fibers. At the same time, when using creatine in the form of hydrochloride, there is no need to do the loading phase, and the dosages will be lower than when taking the monohydrate.

Sports nutrition manufacturers offer this type of creatine in both powder and capsule form. Both options are well absorbed and do not provoke side effects. Creatine hydrochloride is often included in creatine matrices to enhance the effectiveness of other forms of creatine. You can buy high quality creatine HCL hydrochloride on our website by choosing an option that is suitable in terms of release form and price.

Creatine with a transport system is a special sports nutrition, in the composition of which substances have been added to creatine that facilitate its transport into muscle tissue. Such substances significantly affect the absorption of creatine, improving it. Some of them also fuel the muscles and have anabolic properties.

Taking creatine with a transport system is advisable on training days. The transfer of creatine to muscles can be provided by carbohydrates, amino acids (arginine, glutamine, taurine) and many other compounds. Each of the options has its own characteristics, for example, the combination of creatine with glutamine and taurine is in demand during high-intensity training. Such components increase endurance, increase efficiency, postpone the moment of fatigue.

The combination of creatine with carbohydrates is most popular for heavy workouts aimed at gaining mass and increasing vascularization. In such products, dextrose, ribose, palatinose and other carbohydrate products are added to creatine, often combining them with taurine, citrulline and other amino acids. This significantly increases the productivity of training and accelerates the formation of new muscle fibers. You can buy creatine with a transport system on our website by choosing the most suitable formula for you.

Creatine matrices are among the most innovative types of creatine. They are characterized by a complex of several forms of creatine, reinforcing the influence of each other. These foods are quickly absorbed, provide a steady increase in energy, and effectively affect muscle growth and performance in training.

The creatine matrix contains creatine monohydrate, creatine malate, creatine phosphate, creatine citrate, crealkalin, creatine peptides, creatine hydrochloride, magnesium creatine, ethyl ester and other types of creatine. Their use in a complex significantly increases the reserves of creatine in the body, which affects energy metabolism. Taking such supplements increases strength results, provides an increase in endurance during anaerobic exercise.

Many creatine matrices also contain other substances that are beneficial for athletes, such as citrulline. This amino acid stimulates the formation of arginine and the production of nitric oxide, therefore, accelerates the set of muscle mass, affects the endurance and strength of the athlete. No less often, beta-alanine, carbohydrates, glutamine, electrolytes, and vitamins are added to the creatine complex. You can buy creatine matrices on our website, individually choosing the most optimal formula.