Protein (translated from English – protein) is a food supplement that is almost entirely composed of proteins. The value of protein in the body cannot be overestimated – it is by far the most important structural component of our body. Muscles, ligaments, tendons, all organs and glands, hair, nails are formed from protein; proteins are found in fluids and bones; enzymes and hormones that regulate all processes in the body are also proteins. Proteins are not interchangeable. A person can get them only from food.

Protein Values ​​in Sports: Prevents muscle fiber breakdown during exercise and is a building block for new muscle growth. Protein is used for a variety of purposes: to reduce body fat, to stimulate muscle growth, and to maintain a healthy physical shape. If you want to reshape your body by building muscle, perhaps by shedding fat, you must provide your body with high quality organic protein.

In muscles, lungs, spleen, kidneys, proteins make up more than 70-80% of the dry mass, in the liver – 57%, in the brain – 45%. Low protein content in bones and teeth – 20 and 18%. It is difficult to provide the required amount of protein during high-intensity training, if only due to the limited portion of food that we can eat at a time. Proteins are concentrated and refined. In one serving, 30-40 grams contain the same amount of complete protein as 200 grams of meat or 1 liter of milk. Protein is a completely natural product made from milk (whey), eggs, soy and meat. Proteins are usually made in powder form, which must be stirred into a liquid. You can familiarize yourself with protein products at this link  protein