Sports Fat Burners


Fat burners – sports fat burners are natural substances based on vitamin-like substances (l-carnitine) and herbal extracts. The most common of them are: vitamin B6, B12, E, green tea, black tea, pepper extracts, guarana, chromium, choline, citrus extracts, caffeine, ginger, white willow bark, glycerin – all these substances are absolutely natural accelerators of L absorption. -carnitine. They are used to regulate metabolic processes in the body and burn excess body fat.

L-carnitine is a natural substance that is important for metabolic processes. For its effect on fat metabolism, l-carnitine is classified as a natural fat burner. This connection ensures the transport of fatty acids to the mitochondria, where they break down with the release of energy. This not only helps to reduce the percentage of body fat, but also increases the effectiveness of training.

Athletes value carnitine not only for helping to reduce body fat, but also for its ability to increase muscle activity time. With food supplements based on this amino acid, you can actually train longer and harder. At the same time, L-carnitine differs from other fat burners in its positive effect on health and the absence of side effects.
It is known that taking carnitine improves the condition of the heart muscle, increases the body’s resistance to stress, and regulates blood sugar levels. In addition, such sports nutrition improves brain function. L-carnitine supplements come in powder, liquid, and capsule form.

Lipotropics are special sports nutritional supplements that can affect metabolic processes. Most are made from herbal ingredients such as green tea, garcinia cambogia, or grapefruit. In addition, L-carnitine is included in the group of lipotropic fat burners.

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Such drugs optimize metabolic reactions, which leads to more active fat breakdown and weight loss. They also affect appetite, promote the elimination of excess fluid, and inhibit the absorption of fats.
The most famous lipotropic is l-carnitine. This amino acid promotes the burning of fatty acids and increases energy levels. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is an equally popular lipotropic agent. It not only promotes weight loss, but also muscle growth.

Other substances with a mild fat-burning effect include lecithin, choline, betaine, chitosan, bromelain, omega fats, and chromium. Many manufacturers offer these components not individually, but as a complex fat burner.

Thermogenics are a type of fat burner that gets its name from its ability to influence thermogenesis. Taking such drugs warms up the body, raising the temperature by several degrees, as a result of which fat reserves are spent more actively. They also stimulate the central nervous system.

These are effective remedies that can help you lose weight even without physical activity, but when combined with exercise, their effect is significantly enhanced. At elevated temperatures, metabolic reactions are more active, therefore, the rate of weight loss increases. If you add a balanced diet and competent training to the intake of thermogenics, the result will not be long in coming.

Caffeine is one of the most powerful stimulants that can help increase energy expenditure and increase workout performance. In addition to affecting metabolism, it also stimulates concentration and focus, which are used by athletes during active training sessions in the gym and outdoors. Caffeine is often combined with other fat-burning substances to create effective weight loss formulas.