Healthy snacks at work: 5 easy ways to stay healthy


Keep healthy and healthy snacks on hand at work to keep an eye on your health, even in the workplace.

Jobs are notorious for their abundance of cheap and unhealthy carbohydrates. Who among us hasn’t been eating donuts, bagels or cupcakes in the office. Of course, it’s much easier to grab a tempting bun off the table and eat it than to burn the calories from it in the gym. The easiest way to prevent workplace overeating and snacking without refined carbs is to bring healthy snacks to work and keep them on hand.

1. Take healthy snacks with you

A healthy snack is one that contains both protein and fiber. This can be Greek yogurt with raspberries, a hamburger with cold turkey and high-fiber crackers, one slice of whole grain bread with almond butter. These snacks will provide your body with a steady flow of energy and help you overcome your mid-day hunger.

2. Find a like-minded person

Eating a salad at an office party can be more enjoyable if you have a friend eating it with you to keep you company. The presence of a diet and exercise partner allows you to maintain a high level of motivation. Considering that we usually spend 8-10 hours a day at the workplace, so most of the measures to maintain your health should be taken at work.

Social influences have enormous implications for nurturing healthy habits. Having a close friend who follows a healthy lifestyle just like you will not only lead you to success, but it can also make the road to health easier and more enjoyable! You can also try to involve the whole team in the healthy eating relay – then it will be even easier.

3. Keep a bottle of water on the table

Without a constant reminder to drink water, or without water that is readily available, people can survive an entire day without fluids. But a bottle of water placed directly on your table will not only serve as a useful reminder, but will also visually stimulate you to drink a certain amount of water throughout the day.

Purchase a 1 liter water bottle and fill it at least twice during the day. This will ensure that your water needs are met and also met any time you need it.

4. Create a pocket reminder

During the day, thoughts of health can easily disappear from your head. Therefore, it is important to create an appropriate note on your desktop or computer screen in order to maintain focus. An example of a pocket reminder would be your favorite motivational quote or picture of the person feeling happy and healthy. Having this reminder close at hand or somewhere where you will easily bump into it throughout the work day, you can avoid unhealthy decisions when they seem attractive and simple.

5. Set aside time for exercise

When an employee is overworked, exercise can quickly recede into the background. One way to avoid this is to set aside time for fitness. Set a realistic amount of time during the day to take a break from work. For example, if you are nocturnal, then training at 5 am is an unattainable goal. The time and location is an important planning step. Choose a gym that is close to your job, is affordable, and offers the classes you are interested in.