TOP 10 best ways to lose weight: getting rid of excess calories correctly

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If you are not losing weight as quickly as you would like, try the 10 best ways to lose weight.

Most people, with the exception of a small percentage of those lucky enough to be genetically lucky, work on their diet and exercise regularly to look good.

Sometimes, despite all the efforts, excess weight does not disappear as quickly as we would like. In such a situation, the first thing that comes to mind is to extremely reduce the daily calorie intake. In the long run, this is not the right decision. Try using the techniques below.

1. Cyclic fasting

This technique brings especially impressive results for men. Its essence is to eat only eight hours a day. In the process of this practice, the body’s sensitivity to insulin increases in order to more actively store energy during hunger. This will allow you to eat any food without gaining excess fat.

2. Follow a cyclical diet

This means that you will need to eat the right amount of carbs per day if you exercise, and half that amount if you rest. This strategy protects you from metabolic disturbances and keeps you feeling full. It is very convenient to use special blends that will allow you to regulate your protein intake with great precision.

3. Make drop sets

The essence of these exercises is to do them with a lot of weight and few repetitions until you are completely exhausted. When done correctly, your muscles will literally scream in pain. But after that, your metabolism will accelerate significantly.

4. Create your own meal plan

Instead of frantically weighing every bite of food and then ruining the whole effect in one go through a breakdown, prepare pre-weighed portions of food a week in advance.


5. Maintain tone with L-carnitine

Carnitine, a fat burner and extra energy source  , can help you cope with your workout regimen without feeling tired and reduce the chances of a breakdown.

6. Choose Complex Exercises

If you perform, for example, squatting in combination with a bench press , you will not only burn more calories in the process, but you will also spend more energy after training for a longer time.

7. Remember the energy balance equation

It’s very simple – you have to spend more calories than you consume.

8. Maintain optimal levels of omega acids in the body

Scientific studies have proven that eating fish oil can help you lose weight. In addition, it helps to maintain the physical condition of the entire body.

9. Stay fit

If you are close to your goal and your body fat is close to what you need, you may start to feel weak. But this is not a reason to relax! Try exercises that only work on one specific muscle – this will make the workout less exhausting.

10. Take a break

If you feel that you are completely exhausted, allow yourself to rest for the whole day, of course, so that you can work even harder tomorrow.