Effective Weight Loss Fitness: 3 Ways To Draw Muscle Faster


Effective Weight Loss Fitness: 3 Ways That Provide Relief Drawing

There is not much time left to get in shape for the beach season. This means that the usual training methods that you practice from day to day will have to be abandoned for a while. Effective fitness for weight loss is, first of all, high volume training. The easiest way to increase your training volume is to increase your training duration. However, this technique is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, today we will talk about three ways that not only allow you to tone your muscles, but also provide an acceleration of the process of fat loss and drawing the relief.

Drop Sets

This is one of the most effective methods for increasing training volume and gaining muscle mass. In fact, a drop set is one giant (extended) approach. The convenience of this technique is that it can be used in almost all resistance exercises. But it is best to use drop sets in those exercises where you are able to maintain control and technical performance, even if you are very tired.

In other words, exercises with free weights, namely dumbbells and weights, as well as work on simulators are the best options for using the drop set technique. Exercises like barbell squats are not exactly the case for using drop sets.

Effective fitness for weight loss with drop sets can include the following exercises:

  • Leg press;
  • Sitting or lying leg curls;
  • Dumbbell bench press lying on a horizontal or incline bench;
  • Army press;
  • Dumbbell layouts;
  • Pull-ups with weight / pull of the upper block;
  • Mahi with dumbbells;
  • French press with a barbell or dumbbells;
  • Extension of arms on the upper block;
  • Dumbbell Rows.

At the same time, it is best to leave the drop set for an extreme approach in the exercise. For example, you have planned to do 4 sets of leg press. In this case, it is advisable to structure the load as follows:

  • Set 1: 70kg x 10 reps
  • Set 2: 70kg x 10 reps
  • Set 3: 70kg x 10 reps
  • Set 4: 70 kg x 10, 60 kg x 10-15, 50 kg x 10-15, 30 kg x 20-30.

This is an extremely effective way to increase the volume and intensity of training without adding a significant amount of training time.

When and How to Use Drop Sets?

You shouldn’t get carried away with this technique, as it is extremely energy intensive. You don’t need to use it in every workout, and even more so, in every exercise in your workout. Pick a few exercises or muscle groups that you would like to work with with drop sets, and stick to your choice.

This will add intensity to your workout, allow you to burn more calories in one visit to the gym, but will not create the conditions for the onset of overwork. Especially if you are on a low-carb diet.

Increased Time Under Load

Increasing training volume is not the only factor in muscle growth and fat loss. Increasing the time under load while the muscles are stretched is a highly effective way to improve fat loss and place significant metabolic stress on muscles.

This can be achieved by changing the rate of lifting of the working weight. There are many known ways to vary the rate of rise. However, one of the most effective is a slow movement with a pause in the eccentric phase, and then explosive movement in the concentric phase.

Take the bench press for example. Lower the weight on your chest smoothly and slowly for 3-5 seconds, at the point of greatest stretching of the pectoral muscles, pause for 1-2 seconds, and then throw the weight up.

Increasing your time under exertion is a surefire way to explode muscles and ensure that you burn calories intensely during your workout session. Please note that using this training technique involves using lighter weights than what you are used to working with. This is due to the fact that even with the onset of increased muscle tension, it is necessary to maintain the correct exercise technique.

How to Incorporate the Exercise Time Extension Technique into your training program?

Choose one exercise from each training day in which you specifically want to focus on stretching under load. For example, when training your lower body, this could be squats, where you will work out slowing down the pace while lowering down with the barbell.

And on the day of your upper body workout, you can concentrate, for example, on the lowering phase of the bench press or push-up. Effective fitness for weight loss in the case of using this technique is achieved through incredible pumping, increased blood circulation and energy exchange in muscle cells.

Reception “Rest – Pause”

This technique is a super effective method of doing more reps in less time. They use various methods of implementing the “rest-pause” technique. But the simplest and most effective is the one that follows from the very name of the technique.

Let’s say you are doing a deadlift with a barbell. Then the first and second approaches can be performed as usual – for example, 8 repetitions each. And on the third and fourth working approaches, apply the “rest-pause” technique. Then you do 8 reps, then rest for 10 seconds, then again for 8 reps, again rest for 10 seconds, and finally 8 more reps. All of these 24 repetitions with short rest periods will constitute one of the extreme working sets.

And A Few More Recommendations …

All 3 methods discussed in today’s article are designed to increase the volume of training, but add little or no time to the exercise. Thus, the load and the intensity are provided at the same time, which is the main factor for achieving the best results in fat loss.

Don’t try to use all 3 methods at once in every single exercise. This can prevent you from being prepared and rested before starting your next workout. But effective fitness for weight loss is training sessions that not only stress the muscles, but also allow the body to recover in time.

Try to apply the above methods to 2-3 exercises from your program. For example:

  • Use the drop set method on the leg press.
  • Increase in time under load – in the bench press.
  • And the rest-pause method is used when doing pull-ups.