Hand Exercises At Home


A set of effective hand exercises at home

Hands are, along with the press, one of those muscle groups that you need to try to pay as much attention as possible during training, because it is the hands that often first of all form the impression of the sports form of a person as a whole. Therefore, it is natural that everyone who is engaged in fitness strives to improve the appearance of their hands: men want to see them voluminous and powerful, and women – embossed.

It should be noted right away that there is no “magic pill”, the use of which will help to improve the overall appearance of the hands in the shortest possible time. Beautiful muscles in the arms are, first of all, the result of serious and systematic work. So, unlike, for example, the calf muscles, the size of which is largely programmed by genetics, the arms can and should be developed. What is required for this? Time and burdens.

Gym owners are familiar with this formula. Therefore, most fitness centers are equipped with equipment specifically designed for arm training. And if you methodically visit one of these sports complexes, then the beautiful and desirable shape of the hands is just a matter of self-discipline and adherence to a simple training program.

Things are much more complicated if you do not have such an opportunity or for some reason you are forced to train your hands at home. After all, you still need to provide enough exercise to stimulate muscle growth. But how to do that? Fortunately, there are a number of hand exercises that can be done anywhere with dumbbells, TRX, or an elastic band at your disposal.

When people talk about arm training, they mean exercises for the biceps and triceps. In order to make these muscles grow and tone them, in each exercise, 6-12 repetitions should be performed in an approach with an appropriate weight of weights.

It often happens that trainees pay more attention to one of the muscles, calling it prioritization. But in pumping your arms, it is important to work out each muscle equally diligently. Only in this case, the shape of the hands will look balanced, without lagging areas, and you yourself will protect yourself from possible injuries.

Actually, back to the central question: what kind of hand exercises at home allow you to conduct a serious and effective workout outside the gym? The following scheme seems to be successful:

  • Turkish kettlebell lifts. This is a hard, basic exercise and involves many muscle groups, including the arms. It makes sense to do this exercise early in your workout to work your joints, warm up your ligaments, and then engage in more isolated exercises without fear of injury.
  • Press dumbbells from behind the head with one hand. In this triceps exercise, it is important to control each phase of the movement and perform the press itself in a pumping style.
  • Extension of one arm with a dumbbell in an incline. Technique in performing this exercise depends on several conditions: the position of the body at an angle of 45 °, extension at the elbow to parallel with the back line, holding the dumbbell in the starting position parallel to the chest line. You can do it alternately with each hand with the other hand resting on a comfortable surface, or you can unbend both arms at the same time.
  • Seated biceps curl isolated. Slow, controlled movements in this hand exercise are key to doing it successfully and effectively. It is important to choose a comfortable seating position, preferably in front of a mirror. It is necessary to bend both arms at the same time.
  • Standing arm curls with an expander / belt. When performing this exercise, it is advisable to lean against a wall in order to exclude the possibility of efforts of other muscles and focus the tension only in the biceps. Further, stepping on the expander, bend your arms, while working out not only the contraction phase, but also the stretching.

There is a high probability that not all of us have an arsenal of dumbbells or even kettlebells under the bed. Therefore, it makes sense to think about what can be used instead of them? There are several options here: water buckets (you choose the displacement depending on the desired load), homemade sandbags (or, again, plastic bottles), a stool or books – in general, it all depends on your ingenuity.

But the question is: what if you are traveling or on a business trip and you don’t have the necessary equipment for home workouts with you? How to be? Give up arm training? Of course not. Even in this situation, there is a way out – exercises for hands with your own weight. Let’s give an example of such a scheme:

  • Push-ups from the floor with a narrow setting of the arms. By themselves, push-ups are a hard basic exercise, including the chest and abs. But with a narrow setting of the hands, the triceps are turned on as much as possible, and it is important to keep the elbows as close to the body as possible. If you feel this exercise as hard, you can reduce the load: performing push-ups with a normal (medium) setting of the arms or with a narrow one, but from the wall, not from the floor. To make it harder for yourself, on the contrary, you can use weights on your back or place your feet on a platform.
  • Back push-ups from the bench. You do not need a bench in the strict sense in this case, it can be a chair or any other stable platform. The exercise works well for the triceps. If it’s hard for you, then you can simplify the exercise by placing your straightened legs on the floor, or bending them at the knees and doing push-ups from one of these starting positions. In a more complicated version, the straightened legs are also placed on the platform, and weights are placed on top of them (any of those that you have at your disposal). You can also use an elastic strap or expander, which is slung over your shoulders and tied to the floor to provide resistance to muscle force.
  • Reverse grip pull-ups. Pull-ups are also a great basic exercise for working your back muscles, but depending on the grip of the wrists, you can vary the load on the biceps. It is even believed that pull-ups are in many ways better than curling the arms with a bar / dumbbell for biceps, because it is one thing to take the weight of a dumbbell and quite another to take your own body weight. For beginners, this arm exercise may seem difficult, so you can try negative pull-ups, but if you are ready for the test, then weights are at your service.
  • Handstand push-ups. At first glance, this is a very difficult exercise, but by performing it against a wall, you will greatly facilitate your task. With such push-ups, not only the biceps work, but also the shoulders, the pumped shape of which also forms the overall appearance of the arms. Therefore, it is worth some time to practice – and the result will not be long in coming.

Regularly performing blocks from the listed exercises at home, you are guaranteed to see the result. The main thing is a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to training.

In this article, we tried to give the most effective advice regarding hand exercises at home and we hope that they will be useful to you in your desire to stay in great shape always and everywhere.

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