Secrets of Effective Fitness Workouts


Why did you decide to train in a fitness club?

Before, I never went in for sports and bypassed fitness clubs. But six months ago, looking at myself in the mirror, I realized that I didn’t like the reflection and I had to do something about it. I set myself a goal – to get into the clothes that I wore before and tone myself.

How did your family and friends feel about this idea?

They were surprised and did not believe it. And I understand them – I am very lazy and passive. Now, seeing my passion, they are very supportive.

How did you choose a fitness club?

I considered the clubs that are within walking distance from home. Since I live in the center, there were many options. And I didn’t just call on the phone, but came, inspected the club and personally communicated with the administrators. I signed up for a zumba in one of the clubs. I studied for only a month, and that was because I wanted to release a monthly subscription. This type of training did not suit me. I was just starting to train, and did not know what I needed. Then my friend, who has been going to Dreiser for a couple of years, brought me here.

How did your acquaintance with the club start?

I immediately felt that this was my place. Trial personal training was conducted by Maxim. I still work with him. Despite the fact that there is a program, the exercises are familiar to me, it is necessary that someone was there, prompted and monitored the correctness of the execution. And I’m also lazy – it’s easier for me when someone controls the training process.

As for the club itself, it is important for me that there is a positive atmosphere and pleasant people. To keep it clean and tidy. Dreiser has all this.

Six months later, what are the results of training?

I lost 12 kg, I’m very proud of myself and I’m not going to stop. It is important that after six months training has ceased to be stressful. I no longer make arrangements with myself to come to the fitness club. This is already a habit, a necessity.

How has your diet changed?

I cook very tasty, I love to bake. But they had to give up pies and cakes. Thanks to the coach, Maxim began to have breakfast, introduced porridge into the diet. Before, as it was – I drank coffee and ran to work. Now I definitely have breakfast. Snacks throughout the day. At first, I weighed portions using a kitchen scale. Now I determine by eye. And the body feels – it does not need too much. I can’t say that it was difficult to refuse something. When you start training, you understand why you need it, and it’s easier to motivate yourself.

How does exercise affect your daily life?

Previously, the best rest and entertainment for me was to sit comfortably on the couch with a book and something sweet. Now there is much more energy, just sitting at home is already interesting. Instead, you want to go to a concert, take a walk in the fresh air, go somewhere. Compliments from colleagues have become commonplace. They watch the changes and just don’t recognize me.